Try to stay calm

Mr. A: Salam
Mr. A: How are you?
Mr. B: Salaam
Mr. B: I am good
Mr. A: I need some wordpress work on a urgent basis.
Wpuld you help me out?
Mr. B: How urgent?
Mr. A: By tomm
Mr. B: Budget?
Mr. A: You can tell me..
Mr. A: Send me your number?
Mr. B: I will tell you the price, you should tell me the budget
Mr. B: Precisely explain the task here please
Mr. A: Alright will do in q while
Mr. A: Hello Mr. B?
Mr. A: Are you here?
Mr. B: Yes
Mr. A: I am sending you an email with the work.
Let me know when you see it and we will talk
Mr. A: Sent

I have a woocommerce plugin name (woocommerce iconnect) that acts as a driver for a remote printer.  The plugin talks to the printer cloud service and as soon as an order arrives, the plugin will contact the printer's cloud service to trigger the print order. 
However, the plugin allows to set one printer at a time at the settings page as seen in the attached screenshot. Now, I will have multiple printers configured at the cloud service. So every time I want to send an order to a specific printer, I need to go to settings and change that printer.

I need to add a drop down list at the order page (attached), that includes all printers. Such that the chosen printer will go along with the order request to the cloud service. Infact, I need the drop down list to have printer aliases named after the branch each printer is located at.
Let me know if any issues Credentials for accessing the woocommerce:

Mr. B: Is it a lengthy thing?
Mr. A: no, just a minor
Mr. A: check and let me know
Mr. B: Budget?
Mr. A: Mr. B easy ho jaye please..
Budget ka bhi kr le ge.
Ap time btao kitni deir ka kam hai
Mr. A: I will pay you on an hourly basis
Mr. B: Mr. A, itna hesitate na karen. Tell me the budget.
Mr. A: Frankly speaking, there is no budget currently.
We are doing it as a test service for the client. If this is successful then we will bring more work from the client, so i ll pay you from my pocket
Mr. A: it is hardly 2 hours job for good wp developer
Mr. B: 🙂 got it
I care for my clients in the same way
Mr. B: Are you a developer?
Mr. A: yes Mr. B
I think you have forgotten me.
We used to meet at techub
Mr. B: What is the expected hourly rate for this task?
Mr. A: What do you charge?
Mr. B: I didn’t forget you, I am asking because you estimated it 2 hours so quickly.
Mr. B: So I thought you can do it.
Mr. A: its my estimations, otherwise client has said 1 hour.
He is PHD doc
Mr. B: Nice
Mr. A: So he was right, I believe..
Mr. A: Do you have a number?
Mr. B: Hourly rate expected?
Mr. A: $10 -15
Bro this is not the first time we are going to work.
If that goes well, I will bring more work for you and I mean it..
No fake 🙂
Mr. B: Omg!
Mr. A: What?
Mr. A: Are you interested to work or not?
Mr. B: Urgent work, $15 to $30 budget. From your own pocket, it’s not good.

Is it your average project estimation?
Mr. A: what total you are expecting bro?
Mr. A: tell me fix price please
Mr. B: My suggestion is, don’t embarrass yourself and IT industry with this kind of low level estimation. Knowledge and talent should be appreciated, not bargained like this.

I am not interested as I was not interested last time.
Mr. A: Sorry for replying late,
Point is, i have not started bargain with you on anything.
I asked your price but you tried to play with me.
You seem to be very excited in earning money.
My suggestion: Never asked budget at first.
Quote your price after complete req clarification.
Anyways, thanks for describing me your complete intentions and personality.
Project is OFF to you now. We shall never proceed with your assistance in any means.
Thank you
Mr. B: Wrong perception, you always try to get the cheapest quote. Don’t mind but these low price estimations and false descriptions made this image of local entrepreneurs. We developers prefer to work with clients directly, instead of depending on middleman.
Mr. A: Look, i do respect developers and startups and i was not degrading your talent and knowledge but your approach and behavior is very poor, i believe.
Stay calm and it is not always true that the person you are talking with is looking for a cheapest price. I know you interpreted the same initially which was wrong.
Your business need patience and never change your approach or way, no matter you talk with local person or international.
Mr. A: Hope you got my point now
Mr. B: No, I found you same as other local entrepreneurs. I am sorry for that.
Mr. B: Anyways, leave it. Don’t waste your time here.
Mr. A: I knew that..
Mr. A: Dont be depressed..
Try to stay calm. Last message to you.
Good bye
Mr. B: Come on, I am not depressed. You are flamed in fact.